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Dealership Commission Pay Plans

Searching for help with the designing of an Excel workbook which calculates vehicle sales commissions and bonuses for your auto dealership, new and or used?

Well you've found it. With over 30 years of automotive experience and after calculating the sales commissions on over 50,000 vehicle sales transactions I'll have to say I've seen plenty of sale commission pay plans and complex vehicle sales transactions.

You've also found an individual with exceptional Excel programming skills and an individual with strong accounting skills which understands that complex, incorrectly calculated sales commissions can be very costly to a dealership since the commission payroll expenses incurred when paying out sales commissions can easily be one of a dealerships largest expense.


Want help with calculating a transaction quickly, accurately and the designing of commission pay sheets? I can design Excel workbooks that will work for you and that can be customized to fit your car dealership needs.

Consultation is free, simply send me a copy of what you're currently using with an outline of the changes you would like or send a description of the pay plan you have in mind and would like to have an Excel workbook process. I'll then give you some ideas and also a fixed, one-time price for designing, coding, training and completion.

The Cost: there is minimum $ 350.00 fee, average price is normally around $ 500.00, there's no contracts and any future modifications will run around $ 15.00 an hour.

If you think this cost is out of line, I do thank you for your interest, but I do not spend time trying to teach people to understand what's involved in designing a functional, accurate, reliable Excel workbook that will eliminate costly human mathematical errors. Knowing that just by preventing only one error with my Excel workbook may pay for my personalized service.

If you're interested, send me an email, with your questions or ideas, I'll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your planned vehicle sales commissioning strategy.

Interested parties may contact IntactAuto Holdings, LLC at:
Finding your Automotive DMS system isn't programmable enough to integrate vehicle sales and finance transaction data over to accounting properly?

Making costly mistakes when calculating vehicle sales gross profit or sales personnel commissions?

This Excel workbook processes GM Makes and Used Vehicle Sales. It's designed so that dealership specific commission worksheets may be added with minimal modifications. Click here to view how it all starts with Calculating Gross Profit correctly
 Excel Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets Designed for
New Car and Truck Dealerships
Independent Repair Shops
Excel Spreadsheets that help manage the daily operations of a car dealership. You'll be surprised by the fact that they are not just a bunch of rows, columns and cells. Many are Macro driven; excellent learning tools and the programming style is unquestionably distinctive.

These worksheets successfully address Auto Dealership Data Management, Internet Marketing, New and Used Vehicle Sales, Cash Flow, Technician Productivity, Departmental Expenses and improve operational efficiency.
 Recruiting Auto Dealerships
Database of Recruiting
Auto Dealerships Employment
Sites, Videos and Display Ads
Its Simply, Simple ... A database of Retail Auto Dealership Web Addresses using in-house Employment Web pages to recruit dealership personnel. Our goal is to point job seeking individuals to the Dealership Website for them to apply online for available dealership career opportunities.

This targeted job site is probably the first and only Website on the internet which challenges traditional job boards by providing auto dealerships with a cost-effective internet solution for recruiting dealership personnel online.
 Dealership Marketing
Internet Marketing and Research
Potentially Profitable Opportunities
Social Networks
This Websites goal is to provide online resources for anyone researching automotive related materials online. Its current focal point is the internet marketing of an auto dealership. If you're just searching the internet you just may find something of interest. Read it, Enjoy it and Join us. is currently seeking content writers for this Website in exchange for content placement. We encourgare creative thinking by remaining open-minded to new and unconventional profitable ideas.
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