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Automotive Dealership Microsoft® Excel Solutions
Automobile Financial Analysis & Management ~ 5 Free Excel Spreadsheet Downloads
Financial Statement Analysis
   File Size: 96 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: FA-IB09
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Auto Dealership business model changes now require a complete Balance Sheet Analysis to ensure long-term profitability
Auto Dealership Balance Sheet & Income Projections
* Powerful Automobile Financial Statement Forecasting Workbook
* Balance Sheet Projections based on Percentage of Sales % Values
* Allows Manual Overrides to both % of Sales or Dollars Values
* Segregates the Income Projections into Individual Departments
* Dealership Key Ratios and Performance Values for Comparisons
* Easily Utilized to create Consecutive Monthly or Yearly Projections
* Reporting & Notations can Create a Complete Forecasting Analysis
* The first step for Surviving a Franchise Acquisition or Termination
Forecasting Profit & Loss
   File Size: 138 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: FA-GE08
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Forecast Operating Profit or Loss by experimenting with individual dealership departmental expense classifications
Gross Profit & Expense Analysis - Managing Expenses
* Calculates expenses as a % of gross profit or fixed dollar values
* 3 practical spreadsheets; Forecasting, Actual, and Variance Report
* Creates monthly or yearly forecasts for any dealership department
* Generically designed to be utilized within any automotive franchise
* Functional for all departments; Variable, Fixed, or the Total Dealership
* Easily calculates Operating Profit or Loss after expense modifications
* Variance reporting, comparing forecasted and actual financial results
* Simply manages auto dealership expenses while trying to make a profit
Cash Flow Analysis
   File Size: 2.58MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Codes: PCFM & PCFM30
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   Dealership Cash Flow Management    Nominal purchase price
Supplement your Automobile Dealership Balance Sheet and Income Statement with Operating Cash Flow Reports
Dealership Cash Flow - Trend Analysis & Management
* Statement of Cash Flow Summary Report
* Horizontal Balance Sheet Analysis Summary
* Common Size Analysis with User Variance Testing
* Ratio Analysis Worksheet with Detailed Dashboard Charting
* Net Cash from Dealership Operations including Sustainable Growth
* Operating (OCF), Investing (ICF), & Financing (FCF) Cash Flow
* Liquidity, Safety, Profitability, Operating Performance Ratios
* Instructive and Compatible with various Dealer Financial Statements
    Click here to view the YouTube® Cash Flow Analysis Demo ...
Expense Comparison
   File Size: 65KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: FA-EC07
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Departmental Expense Comparison Worksheet

This easily adaptable Genera Motors style spreadsheet allows you to control expenses within the New and Used Vehicle Sales Department. Use it to compare expenses line-by-line for a Month-to-Date or Year-to-Date analysis.
Prepaid Expense Analysis
   File Size: 156 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: FA-PP08
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Simplify the time-consuming process of analyzing prepaid general ledger accounts and cash flow management.
Prepaid Analysis Spreadsheets - Analyzing & Managing
* Track up-to 24 Different Prepays per Workbook
* Forecast Cash Requirements for up-to 2 Years
* Generate Monthly General Journal Entry Worksheets
* Identify Debit and Credit Posting Errors with Ease
* Allocate Expenditure Postings Based on Percentages
* Combines Multiple Payments and Determines Average Monthly
* Ledger Year-to-Date Cumulative Totals, Debits, Credits
* Capable of Determining Following Year Scheduled Journal Entries
* Utilize for Prepaid Insurances, Taxes, Misc. Other, & Sub-Accounts
Expense Account Analysis
   File Size: 1.14MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: FA-BC07
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Dealership General ledger account regrouping of expenses departmentalized on the financial statement, identifying the actual expense of an outside vendor.
Expense Management: Base Cost Account Analysis
Controlling expenses or rephrased as Retaining Profit is much easier if you know what you are paying a specific automobile vendor or if a relationship between dealership automotive sales and gross profit exist.

This in-depth analysis may be a complete year of general ledger financial data or begin with the current month and move forward.

Detailed account data will be stored on a month-by-month, year-to-date worksheet. Capable of displaying graphs which will allow you to determine if there is a relationship between Net Sales or Gross Profit.

Improve the Efficiency of your Spreadsheets with a Customized Macro

It’s all about labor time utilization, preventing costly errors, maximizing reporting capabilities and improving profitability.

With a simple call you can begin utilizing customized Macros which use the power of Visual Basic Applications currently built into the Microsoft Excel® software package

All projects quoted with a fixed and guaranteed price, which is likely to be less than $ 100.00

Automotive Website & Internet Marketing ~ 6 Free Excel Spreadsheet Downloads
Source Analysis Worksheet
   File Size: 53 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: MS-TW08
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Do you need an Excel spreadsheet which helps you analysis a marketing channel for a one month period?
Monthly Sales Lead ~ Key Performance Report
* Simple yet powerful Excel report for analyzing online lead activity
* Calculates Key Performance Indicators, Leads, Appointments, Sales
* Generates a 30 Day "Hot Lead" Projected Sales Opportunity Number
* Measures Appointment Scheduling Proceedings and Efficiency
* Sets the foundation for Appointment Percentages & Sales Benchmarks
* Establishes a basis for a dealer to Project and Track Online Trends
* Provides the required numbers to Manage Third-Party Lead Sources
CPC Cost Analysis Report
   File Size: 47.5 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: MS-RI09
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Calculates the profitability and costs associated with an in-house dealership Cost-per-Click Marketing Campaign
CPC Marketing Return-on-Investment Calculator
* Easily calculates a Cost-per-Click Campaign Break-Even Point
* Capable of determining Gross Profit and Unit Sales based on Clicks
* Manipulated data by either Number of Units Sold or CPC % Sales
* Flexibility allowing an Average Advertising Cost Per Sold Unit entry
* Can easily be utilized to analysis multiple individual CPC campaigns
* Calculates Net Profit or Loss after Cost-per-Click expenditures
* Helps establish sales marketing benchmarks for internet personnel
Cost-Effective Web Marketing
   File Size: 90 KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: MS-DM09
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Cost-effectiveness online marketing campaigns, Dealership Market Share.
Dealership Online Market Share & Market Saturation

* Identifies Localized Online Marketing Opportunities & Missed Sales
* Calculates Potential Online Sales within a Viable Market Reach
* Examines Competing Dealers for Improved Marketing Effectiveness
* Calculates; Gross Profit, Cost per Unit Sold & Market Share by Miles
* Hits on a Website mean nothing, if not within a Viable Selling Market
Contracted Sales Presentations
   File Size: 650KB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: MS-SP09
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   More about this free Spreadsheet

A simple phone call from this companies marketing department & this spreadsheet was available free of charge in 48 hours
Daily Sales Performance & Potential Dollar Sales
* Analyzes sales opportunity lead sources & monitors their current status
* Monitors daily sales activity of 15 salespeople, month-to-date values
* Tracks price quotes, contracts, number of open & finalized transactions

Customized Excel spreadsheets designed for an internet department manager, not in the auto industry, which needed to combine two available free spreadsheets, being the Sales Floor Performance Report and the Source Analysis workbook.
Marketing Dealerships Online
   PDF File Size: 137KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: MS-ID09
   View Questionnaire Online
   Print PDF Questionnaire for use
A brief summary of hundreds of automotive internet marketing articles
Internet Department Development ~ Basic Fundamentals
* Key Components of Dealership Internet ~ E-Marketing Success
* Online Automotive Marketing, establishing objectives and priorities
* Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis and Return-on-Investment

Printable questionnaire offered on the website which is owned & operated by IntactAuto®. This mentionable Internet department development self-help worksheet is for the dealer seeking marketing ideas.
Media Lead Management
   File Size: 292KB
   Macro Driven: Yes  
   Program Code: MS-SE07
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Advertising Expense Management ~ Sourcing Expenses

Helps track the source of prospective leads by either media advertising campaign or internet lead provider. Tracking the production & results of each media, including your ROI (Return on Investment).

Did you know?

Some of these Excel workbooks may be purchased unprotected for as little as $ 15.00.

Variable Sales Department ~ New & Used Cars ~ 5 Free Excel Spreadsheet Downloads
New & Used Vehicle Sales Log
   File Size: 5.4MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: VS-SL10
   Read about this workbook
   Showroom Management Sales Log
IntactAuto’s first free full blown Excel workbook, used by countless dealerships to track vehicle sales and gross profit. This one is intense & still a free download.
Auto Dealer ~ Variable Sales Department Analysis Reports
* Displays near real-time vehicle sales gross profit totals
* Reports profit per make, model, model year, and used vehicle source
* Calculates sales & finance income average gross profit per unit sold
* Easily manages internet cost per lead and gross profit per lead source
* Tracks finance department gross profit, total up's & closing percentages
* Compares actual vehicle sales & pending deliveries to forecasted sales
* Tracks inventory age, profitability, calculates real return on investment
* Sales lead sourcing with detailed marketing cost analysis reports
Automotive Commissions
   File Size: 9.15MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: PSCW-2011
   Read about it, Trial available
   View Sales Commission Workbook
Dealership Auto Sales Pay Plans and Commission Reports
* Manages 25 Salespeople, selling 42 retailed units each per month
* Tiered Commissioning, Vehicle Gross Profit, CSI, Volume and Training
* Multiple Pay Plans can be designed and tested with customization options
* Pay Plan Descriptions and Calculations identified on Commission Sheets
* Includes Finance Reserve and Aftermarket Sales Commission Bonuses
Free Sales Commission Spreadsheet .. This popular Sales Commissioning Workbook accurately calculates both New and Used Vehicle Sales Commissions payable based on Gross Profit % levels.   View & Download Free Spreadsheets
Used Vehicle Sales Log
   File Size: 934KB
   Macro Driven: No    
   Program Code: VS-IC09
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   Download Free Spreadsheet
Used Vehicle Sales Analysis ~ Inventory Control

Micro-Manages the profitability of the Used Vehicle inventory by vehicle source, vehicle make, and vehicle year. Also calculates the real return on assets and at what point does an inventory take a negative turn.
Now Available ! Redesigned Expanded version of this workbook released.
      Serious about making more Gross Profit in Used Vehicle Sales ... Click here ..
Finance Department Income
   File Size: 152KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: VS-FP09
   View Sample Spreadsheet
   Download Free Spreadsheet

Quicker, Easier, Organized way to track Finance & Insurance Department Income
Finance & Insurance, New and Used Vehicle Sales Journal
* Functional for both New and Used Vehicle Sales tracking
* Summarizes New, Used and Total Department Income
* Calculates Key Performance Data, Ups, Turnovers, Sales
* Provides Total Counts, Gross Profit, Percentages and PVR
* Capable of tracking over 100 monthly Sales Transactions
* Color coded for easy identification of pending deliveries
* Requires no setup and unit sales can be entered without delay
Now Available ! Redesigned Expanded version of this Excel workbook just released. Download for Only $ 39.00
      Need to Track Vehicle Sales, Gross Profit, F & I Income and Calculate Bonuses ... This is it ... Click here ..
Sales Floor Performance
   File Size: 50KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: VS-SF09
   View Sample Spreadsheet
   Download Free Spreadsheet

Use daily, weekly, monthly or modify it to track year-to-date sales performance
Dealership Vehicle Sales Floor Performance Report
A simple yet powerful spreadsheet designed for the new and used car sales manager which needs a report that summarizes and calculates the basic key sales staff performance numbers to manage a vehicle sales department.

These key numbers are; Sales Opportunities, Be-Backs, Demo Rides, Price Quotes and Total Units Sold per salesperson with percentage calculations.
Fixed Operations Department ~ Service & Parts Sales ~ Excel Spreadsheet Downloads
Service & Parts Sales Forecast
   File Size: 1,783KB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: FO-TP11
   Read about this workbook
   Labor Objectives & Goals Workbook    Nominal purchase price
Another IntactAuto® Excel workbook breaking new ground. January 2012
Brenchmarking Flat Rate Labor Hours and Service Sales

Here’s an Excel® workbook that may enlighten both the Fixed Operations Directors and Auto Dealership Owner by revealing the misconceptions when forecasting Service Labor Sales & Parts Monthly Sales, including Net Profit.

Forget Micro-managing and Service Specials, a Service & Parts Department must understand its fundamental benchmarks and labor production capacity first. Also, Need to Motivate Service Technicians, check out these reports.
Auto Technician Labor Sales
   File Size: 3.10MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: FO-SP11
   Read about this workbook
   Efficiency and Proficiency Workbook    Nominal purchase price
Another Exce® workbook used by Franchised Dealerships and Independents to improve Auto Technician Productivity.
Service Technician Management ~ Profit & Productivity
* Calculates Auto Technicians daily, weekly, and monthly productivity
* Totals labor sales pay types: Customer, Warranty & Internal hours
* Tracks clock & flat rate labor hours with guaranteed wage comparsion
* Calculates daily Automotive Tech Efficiency & Proficiency values
* Monitors utilization of available shop hours and labor sales % mix
* Produces weekly payroll calculations with absentee expense reporting

This workbook takes the Technician Productivity spreadsheet below to the next level, allowing you to track up-to 20 Technicians with advanced reports.
Technician Productivity
   File Size: 188KB
   Macro Driven: No
   Program Code: FO-TP07
   View Sample of Free Spreadsheet
   Download Free Excel Spreadsheet
Fixed Operations Profitability ~ Technician Productivity

Spreadsheets designed to micro-manage a Service Technicians Flat Rate Time, Productivity, and Guarantee. They also may be used to prepare payroll and will help prevent discrepancies within Work In Process.
Parts & Service Menu Sales
   File Size: 3.14MB
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Codes: PSMS & TSMS
   Read about this workbook
   Parts & Service Menu Pricing    Nominal purchase price
Menu & Maintenance Package Pricing Software for Service Directors, Auto Parts Distributors, Consultants, Parts Managers & Independent Repair Centers
Customized Parts & Service Menu Pricing Excel Package

* Parts & Service Menu Packaging and Costing
* Service Consultant Sales Effectiveness Analysis Reports
* Forecasting Sales & Gross Profit Generated by Menu Services
* Total Labor Hour Sold per package, including the Effective Labor Rate
* Reports & Graphs Menu Sales, Month-to-Date & Year-to-Date Units

This package is now used by aftermarket consultant’s nationwide, look for the name IntactAuto on your next proposal. It is even be tested by an automotive consulting firm in Spain, which wants to introduce the menu pricing concept.

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Recruiting Dealership Personnel
Service, Sales and Parts

You mastered the process of extracting data from an Automotive DMS computer systems database using Reynolds & Reynolds ERALink®, Autosoft or ADP Reflection into an Excel Spreadsheet, “Now What?” You have a huge white unformatted, unorganized, nearly useless spreadsheet. Now the real challenge, creating a user-friendly Excel workbook that produces the advanced reports that fit your dealerships specific business needs. The Answer, Call IntactAuto®
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