Vehicle Gross Profits

Managing Sales Commissions

Finding that your Automotive DMS system isn't programmable enough to integrate sales and finance transaction data over to accounting properly?

Making costly mistakes when calculating vehicle sales gross profit or sales commissions?

Let's hope not, but it wouldn't be a surprise

There are just too many variables involved in an auto dealership for Automotive Data Management Systems such as Reynolds & Reynolds or ADP to consider on a one-on-one basis. Some of these factors are personnel skill levels, accounting procedures and processes and individualized management and sales personnel pay plans.

That is why I believe for years to come a majority of New and Used Car dealerships will continue needing to utilize dealership specific Excel workbooks to calculate and properly process vehicle sales transactions and commissioned pay plans.

That being said, that is why I design custom Excel spreadsheets for new and used car dealerships.

Now with over 30 years of experience in auto dealerships and currently holding a Controller position in a Cadillac Dealership, I must decide on how to handle the financials of Cadillac's new marketing program and answer the question on how to fairly modify pay plans for managers and the sales department.

In the future I must be able to answer such questions as; how much are really making on each vehicle sale with factory incentives, what's the average gross per model sold, have we properly structured our commission pay plans, are factory composites of any value and did the factory pay us all the incentive monies due the dealership?

And finally, can I make a reasonably accurate annual forecast under this new vehicle sales program?

So with all this in mind, I've painstakingly written a customizable Excel workbook on my personal time and as of now I'm offering it to others in need at a cost of only $ 89.00 annually, no contracts, and no cancellation clauses.

This minimal fee surely will be recouped by eliminating just one or two potentially costly errors and provide a structured transaction processing procedure that increases the efficiency of personnel.

It should be mentioned, that even if you're not a Cadillac dealership.

This Excel workbook can be used to process other GM Makes and can also be used to process Used Vehicle Sales. It is designed so that dealership specific commission worksheets may be added with minimal modifications.

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PDF Samples: This Excel workbook is continually being updated to include enhanced reporting and improve its overall ease of use. Some samples may at time have changed but have not been updated on this Website.

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