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Searching for an Automotive Cash Flow Analysis and Management Excel Workbook?

Need to understand Dealership Cash Flow Projections, Liquidity, Safety and Financial Performance Ratios ?

You have found it. This User-Friendly, Educational, Microsoft ~ Excel Cash Flow Analysis and Management workbook which was originally designed as a financial tool for monitoring the cash position of a GM automobile dealerships financial statement has been redesigned to be compatible with nearly all manufacturer financial statements, balance sheets and operating reports.

This cooperative Automobile Cash Flow Analysis workbook is designed to assist the Automotive Financial Analyst, Business Consultant, Finance Officer and/or Dealer Principle that realizes the importance of supplementing the Income Statement and Balance Sheet with in-depth operating cash flow management and dealership performance ratio analysis reports.

Its design is unique, not only does it provide extensive reporting capabilities for the experienced financial analysis, it’s been redesigned as an educational tool for the individual in need of improving cash flow and acquiring a superior understanding of cash flow management within an automotive dealership.

In general, for a cash flow management workbook user to complete all the available, high-level dealership financial analysis reports, one must only be able to locate a line number and page number on an Operating Report or Trial Balance.

In fact, out of all the financial spreadsheets and reports within this Excel Cash Flow Analysis workbook, only one worksheet will require entries on a monthly ~ fiscal period basis, that being the Balance Sheet entry worksheet. View the Balance Sheet ...

As for user-friendliness, keep in-mind color coding is incorporated in the design of this Excel workbook and the only spreadsheet cells that allow or require an entry are yellow in color. All the remaining financial values, charts and analysis reports are calculated on your behalf, with detailed explanations, supplementing the software as an excellent learning tool.

See the Reports ~ View Sample Automotive Cash Flow Analysis Reports and Demo Video Now ! ...

Operating Cash Flow (OCF), Investing Cash Flow (ICF), Financing Cash Flow (FCF)

Need a better understanding of the above financial terminology ? Here's how ...

Embrace the fact that a Balance Sheet and Income Statement only provide a partial overview of the total financial condition of an automotive dealership. Accept the importance and certainty that proper management of a dealerships cash flow may be the eventual determining factor as to the long-term success and survival of the dealership. Acknowledge that Net Sales, Gross Profits and Net Profits alone will not guarantee liquidity and safety over an extended period of Negative Cash Flow.

Study this Cash Flow Analysis workbook that has the capability of monitoring up-to 12 fiscal periods, which will keep an auto dealership current on their existing cash flow positions and replace obsolete, aged year-end analysis reports that may be too late for appropriate business planning.

Request a Download of this universal Microsoft® Excel Cash Flow Management Software which will successfully manage an automobile dealerships cash flow with trend analysis spreadsheets, ratio reports and financial performance charts, while enjoying the minimal amount of financial data input required, approximately 10 minutes per month or desired fiscal period.

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Start Managing your Dealership Performance Ratios and Cash Flow on a timely basis with these Microsoft Excel educational and user-friendly automotive dealer financial analysis spreadsheets.

Benchmarking Automotive Financial Reports
    * Dealership Cash Flow Summary Report
    * Balance Sheet Trend Analysis Reports
    * Common Sized to Asset Analysis with Variance Tester
    * Detailed Graphing with Ratio Analysis Summary Spreadsheets

Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard Graphs & Charts
    * Net Cash from Dealership Operations
    * Operating, Investing, & Financing Cash Flow
    * Net Working Capital and Operating Inventory
    * Sustainable Growth and Net Sales Comparisons
    * Liquidity, Safety, Profitability, and Operating Performance Ratios
    * New and Used Vehicle Inventory compared to Notes Payable
    * Net Automotive Sales and Inventory Working Capital
    * Sales to Operating Dealership Inventories
    * Liabilities and Dealer Equity as a Percentage of Assets

Liquidity, Safety, Profitability and Performance Ratios
    * Liquidity - Current and Quick Ratios
    * Safety - Debt to Equity Ratio Analysis
    * Profitability - Gross Profit & Pretax Profit Percentage Ratios
    * Performance - Sales to Assets, Percentage Return on Assets and Equity
    * Performance - Inventory Turnover and Inventory Turn Days

This Automobile Dealer Cash Flow Management and Business Planning workbook is designed solely to provide a general guidance and is not intended to provide finalized financial data, tax or legal advice. You should always consult with your professional business advisor or accountant regarding specific dealer requirements or concerns.
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