Excel Spreadsheet ~ Technician Time Management Commissioning Automotive Sales Personnel
Flexible New and Used Vehicle Sales Commission Spreadsheets
Sales Commission Pay Plans you Design and Manage

Excel® Spreadsheets for the Auto Dealership
 Dealership Excel® Spreadsheets
Automotive Sales Commission Pay Plan that Motivates and summarizes pay plan structures
  Flexible Vehicle Sales Commission pay plan for a new or used car dealerships

Sales Reports that Calculate Gross Profit Commissionable payout percentages

Design Manageable Sales Commission pay plans that prevent potential costly errors

This Excel® workbook does it and allows you to modify it to meet your dealerships specific vehicle sales commissioning needs. It was originally designed for a dealership wanting a unique automotive commission pay plan that addressed the numerous sale performance components required to effectively motivate and manage a new and used car sales force. Performance Components; Unit Sale Counts, Total Gross Profit, Customer Satisfaction (CSI), Training Requirements and Finance Department Aftermarket Sales
Vehicle Sales Commission Spreadsheets for Automotive Dealerships

Sample Vehicle Sales Commissioning Spreadsheets and PDF Reports

Sales Commission Pay Plan Options Sales Commission Calculations  
Commissioning ~ Settings & Standards Individual Performance Summary  
Managemental Sales Review & Analysis Excel Workbook Administration  

Excel® Workbook Highlights;

* Salesperson Commission Detailed Sales Analysis Reports, easily accessed with a click of a button
* Management Reports which track Actual Gross Profit and Commissionable Gross Payout Percentages
* Extensive Error notifications built into the workbook, if a probable commission payout entry error exists
* Easily manages 25 automotive salespeople, selling 42 new and used retailed units each per month
* Three Tier Commissioning, capable of paying commissions based on Gross Profit, CSI and Training
* Flexibility built-in for Multiple Pay Plan designs and testing with customization as an added option
* Visually see the correlation between Commissions and the Gross Profit Line on Financial Statements
* Includes Sales Pay Plan Outline and Commission Calculations on Salesperson Commission Sheet
* User-friendly, commission calculating Excel spreadsheets which simplify complex auto sales pay plans

Only Cells “Yellow” in color allow data entry, everything else is calculated for you

Sales Commission Workbook Instructions

Processing Vehicle Sales Transactions Commission Calculations and Excel Workbook Setup

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Let's face it, changing a sales personnel pay plan is like going to the dentist. You don't want too, but sometimes it's necessary. If you're in this situation, maybe I can help. In my lifetime I've probably commissioned over 50,000 vehicle sales, yes, that's 50,000 deals. I've been doing this a long-time.

What I can do is help you create a side-by-side comparison between your current pay plan and desired pay plan, all you have to do is call. Now, I'd like to say I'll do it for free but I can't. An analysis like this could easily take 20+ hours of work. So the fixed cost is $ 500. It may sound high but I'm confident that a properly structured and managed pay plan will easily within a short period of time cover this cost with increased vehicle gross profit and the reduction of costly sales commissioning errors. If interested, just call, you'll find that I'm fairly easy to work with.
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