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Here’s an interesting Excel workbook! These spreadsheets were customized for a company which is not within the auto industry, but does have an internet department which was in need of sales management reports to track the daily sales and performance of its internet department personnel.

Its redesign was based on two currently offered Excel downloads, the Dealership Sales Floor Performance Report (Prg. Code: VS-SF09) and the Website Analysis Worksheet (Prg. Code: MS-TW08).

This workbook demonstrates, there can be similarity between business entities that service different industries.

Sales Personnel Daily Performance Reporting

How would you change this workbook to fit your business needs ?

This workbook tracks the sales opportunity lead sources and monitors the current status of those sales opportunities. It will track the daily activity of up to 15 salespeople, provides month-to-date sales values, number of price quotes given, contracts presented, number of finalized transactions, the number of transactions still in negotiation, including the potential dollar sales which remain open for negotiation.

How to use this workbook, simple ...

On the Main Menu,
  -  Enter the Month and Year being tracked and analyzed
  -  Within the yellow spreadsheet cells, enter up-to 15 sales personnel names
  -  Print Daily Worksheets and give each member of the sales staff a copy for logging daily activity

Day End, click the forms button next to each name and enter sales activity from printed worksheets. Then click the forms button “Summary” and a complete months worth of sales performance values, including total dollars sales for the department are calculated and ready for consideration.

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Excel Workbook Highlights;

    * Simple yet powerful reports for tracking monthly sales lead activity
    * Monitors daily sales activity of 15 salespeople, with month-to-date values
    * Tracks individual price quotes and the number of contracts open or finalized
    * Provides a workable system for sales personnel to control and follow-up on sales
    * Analyzes the potential sales opportunity lead sources and the leads current status
    * Calculates Remaining Month-to-Date Contracts in Negotiation and Dollar Sales Potential
    * Workbook is generally functional for any business that must track price quotes and contracts

    * Excel Program Code:MS-SP09
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