Excel Spreadsheet ~ Forecasting Dealership Expenses Targeting Online the Serious Auto Buyer
Excel® Workbook for Dealership Internet Departments
Calculating Dealership online Market Share & Sales Potential

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Managing Dealership Internet Expenses
The main objective of this simple Excel® workbook is to enlighten a Dealerships Internet Department to its true online vehicle sales potential within its marketing reach and the probable return on investment when implementing a Cost-per-Click Marketing Campaign.

The second objective of this workbook is to help the auto dealer systematize and benchmark its CPC bids within localized markets to produce a reasonable return and most importantly avoid unnecessary online expenditures and time-consuming marketing efforts.

Auto Dealership Market Share & Market Saturation

Calculate a Dealerships Online Market Potential before investing ...

Start with the basics; by determining which geographic locations your dealership online marketing efforts will no longer produce a profitable demand for products and services. Determine the maximum number of potential online vehicle purchasers - prospects that live within a realistic vehicle sales radius. Understand, hits on a Website are meaningless; it's the sellable purchaser you must attract.

By downloading this Excel spreadsheet, dealership management and Website marketers will better position themselves and improve on the return-on-investment for each online - internet advertising dollar spent. The use of this spreadsheet will help formulate an in-house automotive dealership marketing plan of action, focusing on cost, sales volume, gross profit and potential consumer reach.

This free Excel spreadsheet and online management tool calculates items such as; Viable Online Sales, Current Auto Dealership Market Share, Average Vehicle Gross Profit, Advertising Cost per Unit Sold and finally the Total New Vehicle Sales Market within a viable dealership selling distance - radius.

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Why Free Spreadsheets?
Create a Cost-Effective Localized Online Sales Marketing Campaign

Dealership Marketing Excel Spreadsheet Highlights;

    * 10 Individual Mileage Circular Areas (Radius) around the dealership
    * Number of Active Online Buyers & Potential Penetrable Viable Online Sale
    * Dealerships Current Market Share and Sales Within each Circular Area
    * Average Vehicle Gross Profit and Advertising Cost per Unit Sales
    * Total New Vehicle Sales Market within the Viable Selling Distance-Radius
    * Identify Localized Marketing Opportunities or Missed Sales Opportunities
    * Simple and User-friendly Excel Workbook. Use it once or whenever needed
    * Calculates Potential Online Sales within a Viable Market Reach
    * Examine Competing Dealerships, Optimizing Online Cost-Effectiveness
    * Calculates; Gross Profit, Cost per Unit Sold and Market Share by Miles

    * Program Code:MS-DM09
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