Excel Spreadsheet ~ Forecasting Dealership Expenses Automotive Service Department Profits and Management
Excel Spreadsheets for Forecasting Department Sales
Managing, Motivating and Improving Technician Productivity

Essential Key Components which Improve Net Profit
 Customizable Automotive Excel Spreadsheets
for Managing Auto Dealership Fixed Operations and Independent Repair Shops
  Increase Service Labor Sales, Gross Profit and Improve Fixed Operations Net Profit
Micro-Managing a Mechanical Service Department is a waste of time, Menu Packages and Competitive Pricing is ineffective and increasing the Door Rate will do nothing of real significant until one truly understands the service department's maximum labor sales production capacities and creates well-defined fundamental benchmarks.

Essential Key Components that Improve the Bottom-line
 * Setting Labor Hours Sales and Parts Sales Objectives
 * Monitoring Daily Labor Sales Progress, Production and Profitability
 * Making every person accountable for their part in Increasing Productivity

This Excel workbook is designed to Forecast Labor and Parts Sales, Track Monthly Department Progress, Motivate Technicians, Establish Technician Goals and improve upon the importantl end result, Net Profit.
Automotive Labor Sales and Parts Sales Reports ...   View Program Main Menu

- Service & Parts Sales Plan Development   View PDF Sales Plan Report Sample
Monthly Labor & Parts Sales Goals, compared to Month-to-Date Sales, with Forecasted values
- Daily and Month-to-Date Production   View Daily Labor and Parts Sales Report Sample
Tracks Individual Daily Labor and Parts Sales, Repair Order Counts, Labor Hours and Dollars Sales. This worksheet provides the Actual Month-to-Date values on the Service and Parts Sales Plan Development Report.   Simple Daily Data Collection Worksheet
- Maintenance and Menu Package Sales Report   View Maintenance Package Sales Report
Controls Daily Maintenance and Menu Sales with estimate Gross Profit per package This worksheet also provides the Actual Month-to-Date values on the Service and Parts Sales Plan Development worksheet.
- Service Technician Flat Rate Hour Objectives   Flat Rate Hours Report 1    FRH Report 2
An in-depth Labor Sales Report of individual Technicians actual and defined Flat Rate Hour Objectives with a monthly summary report. Both reports are designed to be given to a Technician for Managing, Motivating and Reviewing a Technicians progress.
- Weekly Labor Production and Objectives   Weekly Labor Sales and Objectives
7 day report used to track the daily Clock Hours and Flat Rate Hours produced by all 15 Service Technicians, with weekly and month-to-date summaries.

It is used to define an individual Technicians assigned number of Workdays and Daily Flat Rate Hour Objectives. The defined scheduled Workdays and Flat Rate Hour Objectives are compared to the Service & Parts Sales Plan Development Report to determine if both are interrelated and unified. Be sure to review the Financial Goals vs. Flat Rate Hour Objectives Report

Excel Workbooks
Excel Program Code: FO-TP11
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Excel Workbook Tool Box, Custom Excel Reports and Spreadsheet Administration View PDF Worksheet
The Control Menu for all available Excel Customized Reports. Currently offered:   Customized Excel® Report Menu    Administration Instructions
* Financial Goals vs. Flat Rate Hour Objectives   Financial Sales Report 1    Flat Rate Labor Sales Report 2    Forecasting Instructions
This report is what pulls it all together. Technician Flat Rate Hours Objectives and Workdays are defined, Monthly Labor and Parts Sales Goals defined, now are they actually interrelated and unified. Tentative Goals and Objectives may be entered within four key components which greatly influence the profitability of a department and then the required adjustments needed to obtain a department financial goal can be reviewed.
* Service Department Profitability and Expense Analysis   Service Profitability & Expense Analysis    Expense Analysis Instructions
This worksheet is the key to Net Profit. It allows you to establish expense benchmarks within a service department, either fixed dollar values or percentages of Gross Profit and experiment with each expense category until the desired Net Profit is obtained within the automotive service department. It also takes the current months Service and Parts Sales Goals and forecasts what the Net Profit may be based on the established dealership expense benchmarks.
Excel Workbook, how it works, 8 simple steps – Complete, Full Circle, Management Tool

1.  Identify the Service Departments Months Available Workdays
2.  Assign Available Service Technicians their Daily Flat Rate Hour Objectives
3.  Project Labor and Parts Sales based on Effective Labor Rates and Parts to Labor Ratio
4.  Review Monthly Labor and Parts Sales Potential, Technician Productivity, re-establish Financial Goals

5.  Asked the question, Labor Production Objectives, do they coincide with Labor and Parts Sales Goals?

6.  Project Net Profit based on Auto Dealership Benchmarked Expense Percentages
7.  Test and/or modify Expenses with Fixed Dollars Values or % of Gross Profit entries
8.  Review, Monthly Labor and Parts Sales Goals, Technician Objective and Expense Categories

Back to the Beginning, until realistic baseline financial goal benchmarks are meet

You’re Service Department is now Profitable and ready to Micro-Manage for added Sales and Profit

Sounds a little complicated, yes, but its simple

There’s a difference between increasing gross profit and optimizing gross profit. For one to optimize gross profit they must first be able to increase productivity and accountability. With the three essential key components built into this program, you’re on your way.
Build a Profitable Service Department
Fixed Operations Excel Workbook Fundamentals

- Requires No Excel® programming skills, with straightforward instructions
- Simplified usage, Color-Coded, Macro-Driven, User-Friendly with data validation
- Only “Yellow” or “Red” cells require or allow an entry. No formulas are every required
- Ready to use on demand and in place in minutes, with a full return on investment in hours
- Easy to understand Excel worksheets for data collection and workbook implementation
- Fully protected, no worksheets Tabs, maintains its integrity and accuracy at all times

Only Cells “Yellow” in color allow data input, everything else is calculated for you ...
Another Available Workbook Technician Time Management
Spreadsheet that Manages Technician Clock Hours, Flat Rate Hours, Efficiency and Proficiency?

View Program Code: FO-SP11
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Original Program Release Date: January 2012

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