Excel Spreadsheet ~ Forecasting Dealership Expenses Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis
Both Expanding and Restructuring Automotive Dealership
Require a Financial Analysis and New Business Plan

Fully Functional Excel Workbook
Projecting a Balance Sheet and Income Statement
 Automotive Excel Spreadsheets
Customized for the Auto Dealer
  New Car Dealerships around the country over the last few years have faced terminated franchises, the collapse of new vehicle sales with a strong, nearly explosive rebound and now financial statements which must be reviewed and revised to create a long-term Automotive Dealership Business Plan.
Automotive Financial Statement Forecasting

Income Statement & Balance Sheet Forecasting Spreadsheets

Start with the basics;  Create a Financial Plan, even if it's simple... for years auto dealers have had the luxury of only seriously reviewing their dealership balance sheets at year-end. Those simple days are now gone. Now is the time that it has become a monthly requirement for a dealerships potentially tremendous growth opportunity and continued existence. You must as a dealership understand how changes of this magnitude will affect your dealerships Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

By downloading and utilizing this free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, dealership management will be able to freely experiment with the potential changes that my occur on the Financial Statements, Balance Sheet and Income Statement due to changes in either Variable Sales or Fixed Operations.

This free Excel workbook and management tool will calculate key Dealership Financial Benchmarks including; Dealer Current & Quick Ratios, Debt to Equity Ratio, Sales to Assets Ratio, Return on Assets, Pretax Return on Equity, Inventory Turnover and Common Size Percentages.

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Why Free Spreadsheets?
Components of this Dealership Management Excel Workbook

Automotive Dealership Income Statement Projecting

    * Sales and Gross Profit forecasting, both Variable & Fixed Operations
    * Operating Expense Analysis, Inventory Turn, Pretax Profits and % of Sales
    * Dealership Departmental Gross Profit Ratios and Adjusted Gross Profit
    * Simple, user-friendly spreadsheet planning tools that manage a car dealership

Balance Sheet Forecasting & Financial Ratios

    * Calculates Liquidity, Safety, Profitability and Operating Performance Ratios
    * Determines the projected levels and values of Assets, Liabilities and Equity
    * Allows manual percentage of sales override entries, individualizing the projection
    * A quick & easy Percentage of Sales Balance Sheet Forecasting Excel® Workbook

These automotive forecasting and business planning spreadsheets are designed solely to provide an estimate and general guidance and are not intended to provide finalized financial data, tax or legal advise. You should always refer to a professional advisor or accountant regarding your specific dealership requirements or concerns.
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