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  These Automotive Sales Commission Spreadsheets are designed for both the Variable Sales Department Manager and the Automotive Accounting Staff which must manage New and Used Car Sales Commissions, Gross Profit, Commissionable Vehicle Gross, Finance & Insurance Income and Sales Personnel Payout Percentages. They may be used for redesigning a current dealership vehicle sales pay plan or analyzing an existing pay plan and can may easily be implemented by an Independent Used Car Sales Organization.
Vehicle Sales Commissions, Pay Plans and Gross Profit

Accurately Manage Automobile Dealership Gross Profit and Variable Expenses

Start with the basics; reconsider the importance of properly managing vehicle sales pay plans and commissions. Review and redefine dealership benchmarks for a financial expenditure that is one of an auto dealerships largest expense; Variable Selling Expenses - Commissions. Manage this departmental expense were a few simple calculation errors could be very costly; costing not only hundreds, but maybe even thousands of dollars in overpaid New & Used Vehicle Sales Commissions.

By downloading and utilizing this free Excel workbook, your auto dealership not only will be able to produce weekly, bi-monthly and monthly New and Used Car Sales Commission Reports. You will also enjoy the in-depth management Vehicle Sales Gross Profit Analysis Reports, providing your dealership with a structured, efficient, accurate procedure for Commissioning Sales Personnel.

This free Excel workbook and automotive commissioning management tool does calculate; Actual Commissionable Gross, New & Used Vehicle Gross Profit, Finance & Insurance Gross Profit, Total Unit Sales Counts and Gross Profit Payout Percentages for each automotive salesperson.

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Vehicle Sales Commissioning Excel Spreadsheets Summary

These Dealership Commission Spreadsheets will...

    * Assist in Commissioning Automobile Sales Personnel, Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly
    * Calculate Both Commissionable Gross and Actual Gross Profit on Vehicle Sales
    * Develop a Manageable and Accurate Commissioning Structure and Pay Plan for Salespeople
    * Provide a Simplified Step-by-Step approach for Evaluating a Salespersons, Sales Effectiveness

Use these Auto Dealer Pay Plan and Commission Worksheets to...

    * Review Commission Payments for Errors and Excessive Commission Payments
    * Benchmark Acceptable Levels of Gross Profit Commission Payout Percentages
    * Restructure your Current Pay Plan with a Multilevel Pay Program based on Gross Profit
    * Improve Dealership Net Profit by Micro-Managing Expenses that are commonly overlooked

These automotive spreadsheets are designed solely to provide a general guidance and require you to verify finalized data for accuracy. Always manually check payout accuracy when initiating a new sales commission program.
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