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The intent of this Web page is to keep you updated on the current Excel workbook being developed and designed by IntactAuto® for distribution to Automotive Department Managers and Dealership Personnel.

Currently the workbook in design is called “Technician Billable Labor Hours and Cost per Hour”. This automotive specific Excel® project is expected to be completed by 2012, due to it easily requiring at least 500 hours of Visual Basic programming.

This Auto Dealer Excel workbook is a complete redesign of the current available Excel Workbook offered below. Feel free to download these workbooks, use them in your daily operations or simply experiment with them until the above workbook is completed. They do provide some insight as to which direction the new Technician Billable Labor Hours and Cost per Hour workbook will take. More about the currently offered Excel Workbook ~ Service Technician Labor and Cost Management

Automotive Technician Billable Labor Hours and Cost per Hour

How to generate a profit within a Service Department

Are you a Service Manager or Service Director struggling to maintain profitability within a department or need to increase Fixed Coverage (Service Absorption)?

Finding that you are being overwhelmed by manufacturer generated data and losing track of the foundation of a Profitable Service Department ? That being; Utilization of Total Available Shop Time, Billable Flat Rate Hours Sold per Technician, Actual Labor Cost per Hour Sold, Effective Labor Rate per Sales Type, Number and Type of Billable Hours Sold per Day.

If you’re not managing these items, Gross and Net Profit is surely being lost and it doesn’t really matter what your Door Rate is, what Competitive ~ Menu items you offer or what your overall Service Department Sales Forecast or Marketing game plan is. You must manage your most valuable asset within your Automotive Service Department, available Technician Time before you can take this Automotive Department to the next level of profitability.

Once and only once full control of the Type of Billable Hours being sold is identified and managed will you be able to successfully improve upon gross profit or a department’s effective labor rate.

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Yes, you can design added Maintenance Packages to generate profit, increase your Door Rate or even reduce Technician wages to improve your dealerships bottom-line. But nothing will have the same financial impact on the bottom-line as a well managed staff. That is IntactAuto’s belief and that is why this simple, yet powerful Excel workbook is being designed and offered for the Service Department Managers to use.

Other Automotive Service department concerns which this program may help you with?

*Calculates a relationship between a Technician Efficiency Rate and Gross Profit generated by that individual
*Answers the question if an added Technician will generate additional income or if an adjustment is required
*Assist in helping you maximized Technician Proficiency, identifying total lost sellable labor time and profit
*Determines the Sales Mix of Competitive and Door Rate Hours Sold, so you may predict price increase results
*Completes both a one-time or ongoing Labor Sales Time Analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions
What this custom tailored updated Excel workbook will do for you ..

Allows you to track and improve upon 2 years of Automotive Labor Hours Sold per Technician with the click of your mouse. That includes; Customer Pay, Competitive & Menu Sales, Warranty Repairs, Internal Labor Hours and even a Miscellaneous class for you to decide.

This workbook calculates each and every Technicians Efficiency Rating with supplemental Proficiency data.

It not only will track individual labor hours sold per day but may also be used to calculate Total Labor Cost including, Billable ~ Sellable Labor for each sales type, Non-Billable Labor Hours and even Absentee or Miscellaneous wages paid. This workbook surely may be utilized for calculating and generating payroll records.

The workbook currently is capable of tracking up-to 20 active Technicians and maintains the sales data of non-active Automotive Technicians as well for up-to 2 years. You’ll have simple access to Dealership Technician Sales Data by clicking few predefined form buttons.

Simplify your job requirements. As for usage of this workbook, IntactAuto believes it cannot be made anymore user-friendly. It is so easy to use that even an inexperience support staff member can maintain the daily sales records. Allowing you as a Fixed Operations Manager or Service Department Director to do your job, manage Technicians and Sell Labor at a profitable effective labor rate.
Looking for more or have ideas which you would like included in this updated version ..

Contact IntactAuto® with your suggestions or request for changes while the workbook design is in progress.

Targeted selling price for this Excel workbook is currently only $ 349.00 for a two year user license.

As for now you may still download a smaller Fully-Functional Version of this Excel workbook in development.

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Auto Technician Labor Sales
   File Size: 3.10
   Macro Driven: Yes
   Program Code: FO-SP11
Efficiency and Proficiency Workbook
Service Technician Management - Profit & Productivity
* Calculates individual Technicians daily, weekly, and monthly productivity
* Monitors total pay type labor sales: Customer, Warranty & Internal hours
* Tracks clock & flat rate labor hours sold, while managing guaranteed wages
* Calculates Automotive Technicians Efficiency and Proficiency values daily
* Monitors utilization of available shop hours & the labor sales percentage mix
* Produces core weekly payroll calculations with absentee expense reporting

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