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Used Vehicles Sales Analysis ~ Maximizing Inventory, Cash & Gross Profit

Serious about making money selling used vehicles? This custom Excel workbook was designed to help you Micro-manage Used Vehicle Sales for maximum profitability. It determines which vehicle makes, model years and vehicle sources are a dealerships most profitable and offers several key reports including an inventory age in day’s analysis study, as well as calculates the real return on assets of each individual sale.

It offers the opportunity to create custom reports for either a one-time study or may be used as an integrated component of managing the daily operations of a Used Vehicle Sales Department. The endless possible uses of this workbook are to long to list, but one thing is for sure, even a one-time analysis of Used Vehicle Sales is likely to provide adequate sales in-sight to generate 10’s of thousands of dollars in additional gross profit within the Variable Sales Department.

It’s easy to use, quick and accurate.
And will provide the information necessary to maximize a used vehicle sales department’s income potential.

The one-time user-license fee is not cheap, but the potential return on investment is huge.
  Maximizing Used Vehicle Inventories and Used Vehicle Gross Profit

  * Workbook is capable of analyzing 500 Used Vehicle Sales per month or Time Period Study
  * Imports and Exports Data Tables for easy data transfers between workbooks and data backup
  * Provides an unprotected Export Data Table for you to Sort, Filter and create your own custom reports
  * Easily customized by IntactAuto to fit your specific Used Sales Department needs and wants at a reasonable price
Make Money Selling
Used Cars and Trucks
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Without this Workbook
You may never know
your true sales numbers

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Microsoft Excel® must be installed on your computer to actively use this workbook.
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Making the Unmanageable ~ Manageable !
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