Excel Spreadsheet ~ Technician Time Management Vehicle Sales Department - 2016 Forecasting
Excel® Workbook for Projecting Vehicle Sales,
Gross Profit, Finance Income and Department Expenses

Spreadsheet Solutions for Auto Dealers
Forecasting Software for the New and Used Vehicle Sales Department

This simple to use Excel® workbook addresses what we believe to be the three most important combination of numbers when compiling a Sales Forecast that projects Sales Gross, Expenses and Net Dealership Profit.

Number of Units Sold per Month and Average Gross Profit PVR
Finance Department Penetration Percentages and Average Income per Product Type
Expenses as a Percentage of Gross Profit including Dealership Fixed Operating Expenses

Complete 12 Monthly Vehicle Sales Forecasts in less than an hour

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Projecting New and Used Car Sales, Gross Profit, Finance Income and Expenses just couldn't be any easier
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Auto Dealership Vehicle Sales Gross Profit and Net Income Forecasting

View PDF Samples of Automotive Sales Forecasting Spreadsheet Reports

Unit Sales Count and PVR Finance Income and Penetration Variable Sales Expenses
  Sample Monthly Sales Forecast  

Excel® Workbook 3 Step Forecasting Process ...

Step 1
On the Unit Sales Count and PVR Forecast worksheet, within "Yellow" cells enter Model Types Sold by dealership and projected PVR per model type sold including Used Cars and Trucks retail and wholesale. Then enter projected number of New, Used and Wholesaled units sold per month
Shortcut: Enter average retail PVR for all models combined on one line and total monthly units sold
Step 2
On the Finance Income and Penetration % worksheet, enter within "Yellow" cells projected Penetration % levels and Average Gross Profit per income revenue type for both New and Used vehicles. Also enter an expense % for each income revenue type which may have expenses directly applied against income. Commonly know as Cost-of-Sales general ledger entries.
Shortcut: Enter Average Penetrate % and Gross Profit in income type for both New and Used units
Step 3
On the Variable Sales Department Expenses worksheet, in the "Yellow" cells enter the dealerships Average Monthly Expenses for the Variable Sales Department only. The % of Gross Profit value is commonly entered for all expense categories except for the Fixed Dealership Expenses which usually require an average monthly expense dollar value. Enter either a Percentage value or a Dollar value. But, not both or a calculation message error will be displayed.
Shortcut: Use the year-to-date % of Gross Profit values on your current years financial statement
Blank worksheets are available for hand-out to department managers to complete within this workbook. These worksheets should take no longer than 15 minutes for the New and Used Sales Manager, Finance Manager and Business Accounting Manager to complete for the initial dealership forecast.
Want to complete a 2016 Sales Forecast in less than 15 Minutes? - Follow the Shortcuts
Forecasting Software Program Notes
1) Only Cells "Yellow" in color allow data entry, the rest are calculated for you ...
2) Microsoft Excel® Macro's must be enabled for this forecasting workbook to function properly
3) View Monthly & Year-to-Date Reports by clicking the forms button on the Unit Sales Count worksheet

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