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Excel® Spreadsheets for Tracking Vehicle Sales
Including Finance and Aftermarket Income

Spreadsheet Solutions for Car Dealers
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Manage and Project Vehicle Sales, Gross Profit and Finance Income with ease
  Excel® Spreadsheets that Manage Vehicle Sales and Projected Gross Profit

This user-friendly Excel® workbook records new, used and pending vehicle deliveries. It was originally designed for a Finance & Insurance Manager looking for an efficient, systematic means of tracking vehicle sales and finance department income. Over time it became popular with Sales Managers needing numbers for dealer principles wanting Unit Sales Counts, Gross Profit Potential and Finance Income values.
Vehicle Sales Delivery Log with New and Used Finance Department Income

Sample Automotive Sales Log Worksheets and PDF Reports

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Excel® Workbook Highlights ...
* Delivery Sales Log tracks over 500 New and Used Vehicle Sales with Finance Income
* Cumulative Month-to-Date Actual and Pending Vehicle Sales Gross Profit with projections
* Offers a valuable and uncomplicated report for tracking missed vehicle sales opportunities
* Sales Income Summary Reports are Departmentalized with Gross Profit and Finance Income
* Can be used for tracking sales within both New Car and Used Car Dealership Sales Departments
* Includes a Sales Manager Commission Calculator Spreadsheet for estimating month-end bonuses
* Easily customized to meet the specific needs of a Dealerships Sales Manager or General Manager
* Excel Spreadsheets are available within minutes for download and ready for the next sales meeting

Only Cells “Yellow” in color allow data entry, the rest is calculated for you ...

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