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* Effective Labor Rate Analysis
* Technician payroll processing
* Forecasting - Sales & Gross Profit
* Labor Rate comparison reports
* Labor Sales & Shop Utilization
* Monthly Projection Calendars
* Absentee Cost Summaries Reports
* Work-In-Process Analysis Reports

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Service Management - Profit & Productivity

Listed below are some of the Easy to Use spreadsheets within this workbook, you will also find additional interesting & useful reports which are not mentioned.

Technician Daily Summary: 

* Monitor individual technicians daily, weekly, and monthly productivity.
* Track clock and flat rate hours, effectively managing efficiency & guarantees.
* Determine total pay type sales: Customer, Warranty & Internal hours.
* Calculate and manage absentee expense.
* Produce weekly payroll calculations and records.

Shop Productivity: 

* Daily, Weekly, Month-To-Date Efficiency and Proficiency values.
* On demand Shop productivity and sales reports.
* Utilization of available shop hours reporting, sold and remaining.
* Percentage of Labor Sales mix calculations.
* Productivity comparison reporting.

Excel Program Update .......

As of December 2012 this Service Management Profit & Productivity Excel workbook has been updated for redistribution. Please read about the Updates made to this program at:   Managing Automotive Technician Labor Hours Update

The New Excel Program Code is: FO-SP11
Fully Functional 7 Day Trial Copy Available ...
Thank you, to all the Service Managers that have suggested program improvements

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