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Excel Spreadsheets that help manage the daily operations of a car dealership. You'll be surprised by the fact that they are not just a bunch of rows, columns and cells. Many are Macro driven; excellent learning tools and the programming style is unquestionably distinctive.

These worksheets successfully address Auto Dealership Data Management, Internet Marketing, New and Used Vehicle Sales, Cash Flow, Technician Productivity, Departmental Expenses and improve operational efficiency.
 Recruiting Auto Dealerships
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Its Simply, Simple ... A database of Retail Auto Dealership Web Addresses using in-house Employment Web pages to recruit dealership personnel. Our goal is to point job seeking individuals to the Dealership Website for them to apply online for available dealership career opportunities.

This targeted job site is probably the first and only Website on the internet which challenges traditional job boards by providing auto dealerships with a cost-effective internet solution for recruiting dealership personnel online.
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This Websites goal is to provide online resources for anyone researching automotive related materials online. Its current focal point is the internet marketing of an auto dealership. If you're just searching the internet you just may find something of interest. Read it, Enjoy it and Join us. is currently seeking content writers for this Website in exchange for content placement. We encourgare creative thinking by remaining open-minded to new and unconventional profitable ideas.
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Some of Favorite Auto Dealership Excel® Spreadsheets

Vehicle Sales Department Forecasting - New Release 2015

This forecasting Excel workbook cuts through all the complexities of number crunching and addresses what is believed to be the three most important numbers when compiling a Variable Sales Department Forecast that projects Car Sales Gross Profit, Departmental Expenses and Net Dealership Profit.

It's Simple, Quick, Easy and Only $ 39.00. Try a Free Trial Today!

 - Click Here to Read More - 2015 Variable Sales Department Forecasting

Managing a Profitable Automobile Service and Parts Department

Start with the basics when structuring a profitable Service and Parts Departments. It all comes down to Flat Rate Labor Hour Sales, Motivating Service Technicians, Understanding Fixed Operations Sales Potential and Controlling Expenses.

This Excel® workbook enlightens both Auto Dealership Owners and Fixed Operations Directors by revealing the many misconceptions when forecasting Service Labor Sales, Parts Monthly Sales and Net Profit. Project Labor Sales based on Working Days, Technician Productivity and Flat Rate Hours Sales Objectives.

 - Benchmarking Flat Rate Labor Hours and Motivating Technicians for Profit

Auto Sales Commission Pay Plans - Controlling and Monitoring Gross Profit

This Excel® program offers in-depth managerial and individual analysis reports that help an auto dealership control commissionable gross payouts and achieve numerous vehicle sales department profit objectives.

Some of the key components of this Excel workbook are multi-tier commission sales pay plans that include monitoring Vehicle Gross Profit, Finance Income, Training Levels and Customer Satisfaction (CSI) scores.

This flexible Commission pay plan program allows a car dealer to custom design a commissioning pay structure that motivates its sales force within the auto dealership to produce as much income as possible.

 - Effective Dealership Sales Commission Pay Plans designed with Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheets

Vehicle Sales and Finance Income Log - Gross Profit, Reserves, Aftermarket

Here's a simple Spreadsheet which manage and track Vehicle Sales Gross Profit, Finance and Insurance, Extended Warranty and Aftermarket Income. If still using a paper sales log its time to get rid of it and simplify your life.

 - Click here to view a sample of this Excel Spreadsheet New & Used Car Sales Delivery Log
Goal of IntactAuto® Holdings, LLC is to change the way auto dealership problems are resolved, to address fundamental issues, challenge conventional ideals and provide a reasonably priced value-added service and resource which will maximize dealership income opportunities, offering a real return on an investment without all the hype.

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Why a business name like IntactAuto?   Consider the meaning of Intact; Nothing Missing, Left Whole, Sound, Unimpaired, with Complete being the Synonymy.

Auto, Self-explanatory, a Website offering Solutions and Resources specifically selected for the Automotive Industry, Independent Service Provider, Used Vehicle Wholesaler and Retail Automotive Dealership. an innovative Web-based dealer service focused on developing and sharing Automotive related Excel Spreadsheets, Employment Opportunities and Internet Marketing ideas within the Automotive Industry.
Fundamentals of Making Money in the Car Business
- Benchmark sales, gross profit results and with self-confidence plan long-term sustainable growth
- Never overlook simple, efficient solutions when developing and implementing a new business plan
- Establish business strategies that question financial results. Financial results truely measure success
- Improving operational efficiency with time-saving techniques will alomost always reduce expenses
- Never forget in the business, time is money and is one of the most valuable commodity you cannot buy

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