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DMS Exported Data Programmed and Custom Formatted

With respect to all the major Automotive Dealer Management System providers such as Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK, Automate and more, their systems are superb but the feature of exporting data to Excel still leaves a dealership that has personnel with limited Excel experience in a difficult position.


Position: Reformatting, Standardizing, and Analyzing the Raw Data

If you are one of these dealerships you know exactly what this means. You want a listing of customers that meet a certain criteria or you want a printout of sales data for analysis, but all you see is this big white worksheet with thousands of entries and you wonder what to do next. Or, if you are skilled enough with Excel, now think you have to spend hours reworking the worksheet for reports and presentation.



Have designed either a few VBA Excel Macros that will do it for you or even an Excel Workbook that can do multiple procedures and repeated data analysis studies over and over with a simple click of a button.

That's what IntactAuto® does, contact us, you have been looking at our work already on this Web site.

Control Business Data with Excel Spreadsheets

How it Works

As previously said, No games or Sales pitch, the cost for data conversion custom programming begins at $175 and of course increases with complexity. But you will always get a firm quote you can count on when you decide on a project. Hourly Rate reprogramming cost after completion varies, but is always more than reasonable.


It's all about utilizing time properly, preventing costly errors, maximizing reporting capabilities, and improving profitability with relevant, organized dealership sales and marketing data.

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