User-Friendly Excel Spreadsheets Professionally Designed for Auto Dealers

Designing and Writing Excel Spreadsheets is what IntactAuto® specializes in. Reviewing Reports, Analyzing Sales Data, and evaluating your Auto Dealerships Business Plan to increase Gross Profit and Net Profit is what you should do.

Excel Workbook Features and Downloading - Making it Simple

1) Excel Workbooks are fully protected with preloaded code and formulas


2) Requires minimal Microsoft Excel skills since the program is Menu Driven


3) User-friendly with no Excel worksheet tabs to search for, just click a button


4) All worksheets are Color-Coded and Macro-Driven with Data Entry Validation


5) Only Cells "Yellow" in Color allow an entry and all remaining cells are protected


6) Plenty of simple instructions usually less than one page and help screens


7) Answer Questions or Input Data and all the rest is calculated and done for you


8) Ready to use on Demand, no need to write, design or format a single spreadsheet


9) Offer a defined efficient process which is sure to eliminate costly human errors


10) These Excel Spreadsheets make a complex, time-consuming process simple

Best way to Download using Internet Explorer, "Save Target As", select "Desktop", and Click "Save"

   -  If having a problem downloading with Google Chrome, use Internet Explorer instead


Best way use Excel Program, Save to Desktop, Close browser, then Open Excel workbook to use.

   - Trying to open and use an Excel Program while still in an Internet temporary file can limit Excel functionality


These Excel workbooks are Macro-Driven, Macros must be Enabled

   - If workbook does not seem to function properly it is likely Macros are not enabled, check your Excel Security Setting

Waiting is not going to solve a problem. Contact IntactAuto® to get started if you have questions.

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