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Each and every one of the available Excel workbooks are designed to save you time and make your job a little easier. If you find that you need a little help contact us. As for most available workbooks the initial setup is easy, but some may require a little extra effort. If for some reason the initial setup is a little confusing and you would like some help after your purchase, help is available and we may even complete the default setup for you at no charge.

Understanding the Purchase Process

All workbook activations do have a different type of activation process. Some you may receive an email with an activation code and some require that a replacement Excel Workbook be emailed to you. It all depends on the complexity of the Excel workbook. Meaning activation is not instantaneous. UPON PURCHASE you usually will receive an email or call to personally introduce ourselves and explain the activation process in full. You'll also receive a Support Phone number and be able to personally ask all the questions you might have.


All purchases are done through PayPal and you may either use a Charge Card or your PayPal account


Best way to Download using Internet Explorer, "Save Target As", select "Desktop", and Click "Save"

   -  If having a problem downloading with Google Chrome, use Internet Explorer instead


Best way to use Excel Program, Save to Desktop, Close browser, then Open Excel workbook to use

   - Trying to open and use an Excel Program while still in an Internet temporary file can limit Excel functionality


Excel workbooks are Macro-Driven, Macros must be Enabled

  - If workbook does not seem to function properly it is likely Macros are not enabled, check your Excel Security Setting

Number of Days Trial Copy functions:

3 Days

2018 Edition

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